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What is your Mum’s favourite colour?

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner,  I thought I would dedicate this month’s musings to all the Mothers in the UK.  You may or may not know that I’m from Vancouver and Mother’s Day is in May over there so I usually try to buy my Mom a card and/or gift now and mail it nearer to the time.  However, in the past I’ve forgotten where I put the card and gift and usually end up ordering flowers!

This year I’m going<BLOG_BREAK> to make her a special pendant from polymer clay in her favourite colour – fuschia!  Which leads me nicely to ask you, what is your Mum’s favourite colour? Or it could be you that I’m asking? Or even a friend who you think is a special Mum?

Here’s a brief guide to some colours to explore.

Purple – A rich colour associated with royalty, extravagance and wealth.  It encourages Damson Marble and Purple Braceletcreativity and imagination and can also give you a sense of calmness.  And did you know that variations in purple convey different meanings?  The lighter tones of purple are light hearted and romantic while the darker shades represent intellect and dignity. 
     Sunset Earrings Pink – thought to have a calming effect on our emotions. It   represents caring and compassion and may give you a sense of   peace and relaxation.  Remember there are many shades of pink –   like the fuschia I mentioned earlier that your Mum may like –   watermelon, berry, magenta, or flamingo.  A bracelet I made for a   client had two different shades of pink that work well together     without  being over the top.  This season I’ve created a ‘Sunset’     pattern which has elements of pink and very wearable.

Green – has a variety of meanings including the universal one of representing ‘nature’.  If Geometric Pendantyour Mum loves  being in the garden, does she also love wearing green?  Green is a positive colour that places the heart and emotions in balance.  Once again, there are varying tones of green  – turquoise, emerald,  chartreuse and lime.  Some of these can stand alone in a piece of jewellery but if they are combined with subtler shades of other colours, the effect is more pleasing.  This pendant is one example of mixing different green tints to create harmony.

Those are just some ideas how you can give a gift for Mother’s Day that has her favourite colour.

Happy Mother’s Day!