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More necklines

What about other necklines?

Last month, I described the best shape/style of necklace that complements a few necklines.  There are a few others that you will probably have in your wardrobe.

The turtle neck is popular during the Autumn/Winter season  and wearing a long necklace gives balance to the look. <BLOG_BREAK> You can wear chunky beads as shown in this diagram or several long graduated chains.  Try it out and see for yourself.

The square neckline or variations is more suited to square/angular pendants.  This creates harmony with the shape of the neckline.  If you wore a round pendant, it would look out of place.

July 2018 More necklines pic1

The necklines below are the final ones to explore.  You can see how the size and shape ofthe necklaces are in balance with the tops.  The boat neck is emphasized when choosing to wear long necklaces with maybe one or 2 beads and layered to give depth to the top.

The collared shirt is always tricky – should you wear a necklace at all?  You can see that a simple choker blends well with this neckline and provides interest to your outfit. 


July 2018 More necklines pic2

You can try these tips the next time you choose a necklace; experiment with different necklaces and the tops your have and you will see the difference the right length and style of a necklace can make to your outfit.