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Welcome to new website!!

jewellery bedford

After a few years of doing my website myself, I felt it was time for a change. I wanted a fresher and current look. I needed help. So I asked. Ask and you shall receive!

I’ve learned a new way with the help of my web designer. Received lots of input and patient replies. I did research on how to use the new way which improved my understanding.  So that’s the background of how, but why?

Change is good. Without change, my business would be stagnant.  People want different things from websites and my aim is to provide a clearer journey for you.  I wanted to create a site that better reflects how I can help you choose the service that is right for you.

So you can browse my ready to wear collection and hopefully see something that catches your eye.  Or maybe you want a piece created especially for you. After all, you can treat yourself too.  Or you may want to learn a new skill – how to create from clay and take away an item that is wearable and you’re proud to say ‘I made it!’.

This year you will see and experience more from Beadeze. More designs. More energy. More interactive workshops. More creativity!!

Visit the website often and if you have suggestions for something you’d like to learn or have me create, message me! I’m very happy to help you on your creative journey.