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Step back from your business

Taking time out from your business can fill you with guilt. How can you justify it?

You need to work in and on your business 24/7. I’ve done this. Well, maybe not 24/7 – after all I have to cook if I want to eat and I need to sleep. But you know what I mean. You want to take all the actions you can without a break.

But think about when you were employed. What was life like then. You took breaks. You had days off. You had evenings off. So why not include taking breaks as part of running your business. In this time of self-care which includes your mental as well as physical health, scheduling breaks becomes a crucial part of your day.

You might ask yourself ‘why would I attend a workshop that isn’t relevant to my business?’ And it’s a valid question. You might think that learning can only involve business related topics like – marketing, finance, or sales.

Learning about other topics or creating products in a craft session can take you out of your comfort zone. It can challenge the way you think and also provides an opportunity meet people external to your industry or business circle. You could use this space to talk about what you do and who knows reach people you hadn’t identified as potential clients, suppliers or even friends.

I like to think of taking time away from my business like this: sometimes I meet a friend during the week for a catch up because it’s the only time we can actually arrange it. So it’s around 2 hours out of a whole week to enjoy great conversation over a lovely meal. How do I feel after? Actually – reenergised and refreshed. It’s a mental break from my business.

What event/workshop would you attend during the week?