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Jewellery and your face shape

Face shapes and jewellery

Did you know that wearing or making the right type of jewellery can enhance your face shape?

You may have noticed that when you wear a certain style of earrings or necklace, it complements your face. While other pieces seem to not ‘look right’ on you. That’s because the jewellery is working against your face shape.

So, how do you determine your face shape?

The easiest way is to pull your hair back, look in the mirror, and draw your face shape with lipstick (or other removable ink) on the mirror. Step back. What is the shape of your face?

Oval Face

If your face is oval shaped, you can wear almost style of necklace. The picture shows a mid-length necklace with a few beads as an example. Equally a choker style necklace would work well. You will also need to consider the neckline of the top you are wearing to create a sense of harmony.

Square Face

The equal distance from the forehead to the chin matches the width of the face so appearing a square-like shape. The best style of necklaces to wear are the princess length which is an 18” (45cm) or anything longer from 20”(51cm) to 35” (89cm). Why? These lengths will give the impression of a longer face. Necklaces with larger beads or a single focal bead will soften the jawline.

Round Face

If your face is round, it means there is equal distance all around with soft and curved features. Wearing angular pendants is best for this face shape as it will balance the roundness of the face. V-shaped focal beads would be a good choice. Avoid choker, collar or matinee (18”) necklaces as they will make the neck look shorter.

Next time we’ll explore 3 other face shapes.