Hi! I’m Yasmin Ali, polymer clay artist/specialist and founder of Beadeze.
I started my business seven years ago as a jewellery maker and after a couple of years discovered the versatility of polymer clay. Creating bespoke jewellery that was unique and lightweight for clients was my focus. As I continued my journey, I started teaching workshops to small groups.
I realised that working with polymer clay helped reduce my stress and expanded by creativity and knew that this could be another way for clients to explore their own imagination.

Creative clay sessions are now delivered online in a ‘live’ setting. It’s great fun for everyone involved, as students have the opportunity to ask me questions as I demonstrate. It’s as if we’re all together in the same room!

Students also relax, focus and are able to rest their mind…even if it’s for just one hour. It makes such a difference to them.

Plus at the end of each session, students complete a unique project and are really quite proud of their creations.


My love for crafts started as a child when I was taught how to sew and knit. Crafting became my hobby while working full time; it was a great way to relax. I made cards, tried quilling and created various cross stitch pictures. When my children were young, we often enjoyed 'making things' out of different craft supplies. It was a special time to get out all the art materials from the cupboard and just start creating.
When I discovered jewellery making, I felt that it combined all of the crafts I learned over the years plus reminded me of the happy times spent 'crafting' with the kids. My journey started with beading and when I realised I could make my own beads from polymer clay, I was hooked. I've been working with this medium for four years and continue to be inspired by the possibilities that can be created.
I love learning new techniques so these can be shared with students.

You can start your creative journey right now... find out more here!




Winner - British Polymer Clay Guild 2018 competition

In December 2018, I was fortunate to win in the Emerging Artist category for wearable jewellery. The theme was 'Celebration' and I decided to celebrate colour. And what is more representative of colour than a rainbow? So going with that idea, I started drawing some designs which included colour, shape and size. The whole process took quite a few days. Essentially, I would make some sketches; leave it and continue. Sometimes a design comes quite easily but this one took more time as I wanted more elements. That's when I decided to include the element of shape with the rainbow colours.

My final idea was showing the harmony between nature and science - a rainbow and geometric shapes.

The piece took approximately two weeks to make over a period of a couple of months. There was quite a lot of trial and error especially with creating the rainbow colours. The colours are created by mixing other colours together (and I made sure I wrote the recipe down!).

Working on this piece pushed my artistic skills and knowledge. I am definitely looking forward to the next competition!