Winner – British Polymer Clay Guild 2018 competition

In December 2018, I was fortunate to win in the Emerging Artist category for wearable jewellery. The theme was ‘Celebration’ and I decided to celebrate colour.  And what is more representative of colour than a rainbow?  So going with that idea, I started drawing some designs which included colour, shape and size.  The whole process took quite a few days. Essentially, I would make some sketches; leave it and continue. Sometimes a design comes quite easily but this one took more time as I wanted more elements. That’s when I decided to include the element of shape with the rainbow colours.

My final idea was showing the harmony between nature and science – a rainbow and geometric shapes.

The piece took approximately two weeks to make over a period of a couple of months. There was quite a lot of trial and error especially with creating the rainbow colours.  The colours are created by mixing other colours together (and I made sure I wrote the recipe down!).

Working on this piece pushed my artistic skills and knowledge.  I am definitely looking forward to the next competition!


Brilliant fun!

- Sue S

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