Step back from your business

Taking time out from your business can fill you with guilt. How can you justify it? You need to work in and on your business 24/7. I’ve done this. Well, maybe not 24/7 – after all I have to cook if I want to eat and I need to sleep. But you know what I […]

Are you nervous about creating patterns?

Patterns are everywhere. Have you ever wondered how they’re created? Of course, there are plenty of graphic, fashion and other types of designers who make patterns for a living. You can create patterns yourself too. Using polymer clay, you can easily learn a few basic ways to create pattern. It is an essential first step […]

One of the most common phrases

I’m not creative… This is the comment I hear most frequently when I tell people what I do. Is this what you tell yourself? Is it true? Creativity comes in all forms. Not only in art and crafts. In your job, you may have routine tasks but there are times, when you may be asked […]

What really happens at a workshop?

If you’ve never been to a craft workshop, it can seem daunting. You will have lots of questions and may wonder if you can make anything. Here’s a glimpse into my workshops: You will be warmly welcomed and introduced to all the other attendees You will be provided with all the tools needed for the […]

Which clay brand is best?

As any crafter knows, the quality of materials you use is key to developing your creativity. In the world of polymer clay, there are a few well known brands as well as some lesser known ones. As a customer, you want to be assured that the materials I use to create my own collection or […]

5 wearable spring colours

There are actually 16 possible colours to wear this Spring/Summer – 4 of those are neutrals and the rest are bright and vivacious. The colour of the year is Living Coral which I wrote a bit about in a previous newsletter. If you don’t like this colour or it just doesn’t feel right for you, […]

jewellery bedford

Welcome to new website!!

After a few years of doing my website myself, I felt it was time for a change. I wanted a fresher and current look. I needed help. So I asked. Ask and you shall receive! I’ve learned a new way with the help of my web designer. Received lots of input and patient replies. I […]

A quick how to guide

How to condition clay Whenever you start a new craft, there are basics to learn.  It’s no different for working with polymer clay.  The clay used comes in varying pack sizes and brands. The clay is very firm; in fact, so firm that you cannot use it straight from the pack. It must be conditioned, […]

Happy New Year and Coral!

As it’s the start of a new year, it’s only appropriate to talk about the colour Pantone has chosen for 2019 – Living Coral Wow! It’s vibrant and soft at the same time. The name itself reminds me of beautiful coral in the sea. Have you been underwater? I think this is on my list […]

You won’t want to stop for lunch

Have you ever been to a workshop/seminar where you couldn’t wait for the lunch break? Maybe it was because you weren’t engaged with the topic or the speaker wasn’t very inspiring or you were just hungry!  At my recent polymer clay workshop, the reaction of the learners –  I use this term because that is […]


‘Loved my time out’

- Tracey R

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