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  1. There are actually 16 possible colours to wear this Spring/Summer – 4 of those are neutrals and the rest are bright and vivacious.  The colour of the year is Living Coral which I wrote a bit about in a previous newsletter. If you don’t like this colour or it just doesn’t feel right for you, I’ll describe 5 others that may just energise you.

    First, I have to warn you…these names are not mine!  ????


    Mango Mojito

    This is a scrumptious colour – just like the fleshy colour of a mango. It’s not quite yellow or orange but a happy blend. It has a rich tone which will go well with one of the neutrals below. You will need to try this colour on to appreciate it’s warmth and to see whether it really suits your skin tone. If you’ve fallen in love with this colour but don’t want to wear it as a block colour on a blouse or jumper, try accent pieces which may be more flattering for you.

     Mango Pantone



    Princess Blue

    This is a proper royal blue. Another rich and vivid colour. And doesn’t it make you sit up and take notice? It is not boring and imagine the coordinating pieces that you could wear with it – a neutral scarf in the soybean colour; a bold and eye-catching piece of jewellery; or layered with a jacket.  Try it as an accent colour to liven up an outfit and make you feel energised.

    Princess Pantone





    Jester Red



    What a colour! Deep, rich and vibrant. I sense a theme here.  I love this colour because it’s a wearable red. Not all of us like bright red tones or we lack confidence in wearing it; this jester red is feels safer and comfortable. It can easily be paired with the princess blue or mango mojito as well as the neutrals below. 

     Jester Red



    Well, this is certainly neutral! As mentioned above, it will coordinate well with reds/blues/oranges. You may want to wear it as a pair of trousers as an alternative to black or navy.

    Soybean Pantone


     Brown Granite

    Another strong colour that is understated and almost calming. How would you wear this colour? It’s very much chocolatey in feel and would work well with the mango mojito. Once again, if you think it’s all too much, try a scarf; chunky bracelet or earrings to show you are current. This colour can easily fit in with your current wardrobe colours.

     Brown granite

    The colours I’ve chosen seem serious and almost corporate like, however, they lend well to spring and offer a transition into the lighter shades for summer. Remember they can easily be paired with neutral tones to avoid feeling ‘it’s too much’.






  2. As it’s the start of a new year, it’s only appropriate to talk about the colour Pantone has chosen for 2019 – Living Coral

     Pantone Living Coral 2019


    Wow! It’s vibrant and soft at the same time. The name itself reminds me of beautiful coral in the sea. Have you been underwater? I think this is on my list of things to do. Having watched many undersea documentaries, nature’s colours are simply amazing. But I digress..

    Pantone (the colour expert that sets the trends in colour design) describes ‘Living Coral’ as “a nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.”

    Think of all the places around you where you can see this colour… it could be a flower in your garden – roses, tulips or carnations. Or what about the salmon at your local fish counter? Maybe you’ve caught a salmon yourself and seen its rich coral colour.

    And of course, there is the naturally occurring gemstone coral which is actually formed by living organisms. Found only in tropical and sub-tropical waters, this gemstone is created from the hard skeletons of dead coral polyps. Amazing!

    On the other side of things, manufactured products such as lipstick or blush come in coral and are popular during Spring and Summer.  You will see these products advertised both in the traditional ways of magazines and newspapers as well as on various social media platforms. 

    Living coral will also be reflected in clothing. You will see a variety of shades that will appeal to you and me. Whether it’s a jumper, scarf, handbag, or shirt, there will be something for you and the more you see this colour, the more you will warm to it.

    Using this colour in making jewellery can be challenging but rewarding. You will need to experiment with coordinating colours that will enhance it. If you are using the coral gemstone, you might consider combining it with pearls or silver beads. 

    With polymer clay, coral is a mix of white, pink, yellow and red. Once you have the right proportions, you will be able to create unusual pieces. This is especially useful if you only want to add a bit of coral to your wardrobe to be current.

    So, will you be wearing ‘Living Coral’ this year? Or will you make your own piece of jewellery?

    I think I will be experimenting with coral so keep an eye out for some new items!

    Let me know your thoughts about this colour by emailing me at [email protected]