Spring Colours are here

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At the start of the year, Pantone (the colour expert), announced that ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’ were the combined colours of the year.  And while these can be staple colours, there are others that form part of the palette for 2021.

Pantone Colours 2021


Ranging from soft hues of pinks and purples to more bolder shades of blues and oranges. It’s quite a selection to choose from. There are also other classic tones such as navy blue and moss green to provide the starting point of building a wardrobe.

You might wonder if colours are even relevant? I would argue ‘yes’. You will see colours all around you without even thinking. You take it for granted. From the green tones of trees and leaves to the promise of Spring flowers, colour helps ease the eye. It soothes the mind.  Often, inspiration comes from nature’s hues which Pantone translates into trends for the year.

Of course, fashion is one area where you will see a lot of colour. .  You’ll gravitate to at least one of the trending colours when you’re shopping online or in the stores (when they open).  Take it one more level and you will the trending colours in crafting supplies such as wool, paper, and even clay.

Take a look at the similarities of some of the Spring/Summer colours for 2021 and the shades in polymer clay.

Pantone gree    FImo green


Pantone purple Fimo lavendar


Pantone blue  FIMO Pacific blue


Pantone pink fimo pink


While some of the clay are not exact matches, they’re close. So when you use these colours, your designs will have that current flair to them. Experiment with the colours by combining them. The blue and lilac work well together and by add white, you will have an effective colour scheme.  Choosing two darker colours doesn’t usually work but if you add a lighter colour such as the pink, that will highlight both of the deeper shades.

Similarly if you use a few lighter shades together, everything will blend into one. There will be little difference and little impact. Instead use a couple of the lighter shades with a darker one. The result will be dramatic and unique.

Personally, I’ll be trying out the blue, pink and white combination – great colours for upcoming season.

Happy Claying!