Clients commission me because they want a piece of jewellery that is unique to them.

This client wanted a necklace to match a dress which she wore to our meeting. We talked about the colours and decided on a variety of blue shades and patterns.  I used several techniques to design a few patterns before creating the beads by hand. Using my knowledge of stringing beads and selecting the most appropriate clasp for the piece, this was the finished product.

She was so pleased with the result that she ordered matching earrings and bracelet.


‘E’ preferred jewellery that had an unusual shape. Once we agreed on the colours she wanted, this bespoke pendant was the result. In addition, I created a pair of coordinating earrings for her. The two items can easily be worn separately with different colour tops or together to create a cohesive look.

How I work…

I meet with you in a relaxed atmosphere (usually over a cup of coffee/tea!) to ask questions about you. If you’re out of area, then I contact you via phone or Skype. This gives you the opportunity to tell me about why you want a commissioned piece of jewellery. Finding a bit about the colours you like to wear and your style helps me with the design process. I tend to delve into areas like if you’re a nature lover; athletic; and hobbies/interest you have…why, you may ask…because I firmly believe that your jewellery is a reflection of you and I aim to capture that.

After this meeting, I will work on the piece which can take 2-3 weeks. Once your jewellery is finished, I will either deliver it to you in person (depending on geography) or post it to you.

Another client, ‘F’, wanted a pendant in purple which was one of her favourite colours. After seeing another pendant in a swirl design, she requested a similar pattern. Although I used the same technique to create the swirl, the distinct feature of polymer clay is that no two swirls are exactly the same and that is what makes each swirl pendant exclusive .



‘Loved my time out’

- Tracey R