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  1. Patterns are everywhere. Have you ever wondered how they’re created? Of course, there are plenty of graphic, fashion and other types of designers who make patterns for a living.

    You can create patterns yourself too.

    Using polymer clay, you can easily learn a few basic ways to create pattern. It is an essential first step to creating. Why? Because you can build your confidence by starting with simple designs.

    It is like anything we want to learn…start with baby steps and then progress to walking. You don’t need to have prior knowledge to start. As adults, sometimes we want to know how things will turn out, especially when learning a craft. We want to know the end result.

    The creative process allows us to ‘make something’, however it also gives us the flexibility to change. And that is where you will see a difference in your thinking while working with polymer clay.

    So starting with a pattern means you can experiment. You might want to stick with a simple swirl design in one colour and place the swirls together forming a uniform look. Or you may want to create several swirls in different colours and then put them together.

    I usually have samples of creations I’ve made – bracelets, earrings, pendants, candle holders, or pens – at my workshops – so everyone can have an idea of what can be made. But remember that it’s only idea. You can use that idea to give you inspiration. Sometimes that is all what you need. A bit of inspiration. And watch what happens when your mind opens up to the possibilities. Whether it is choosing colours that coordinate or clash, it is your interpretation.

    Patterns – a great place to start your polymer clay journey.


  2. I’m not creative…

    This is the comment I hear most frequently when I tell people what I do.

    Is this what you tell yourself?

    Is it true?

    Creativity comes in all forms. Not only in art and crafts. In your job, you may have routine tasks but there are times, when you may be asked to do something different. You have to come up with solution. That’s creative.

    You may have kids and you need to find something for them to do. So what do you? You look around your house, come up with some materials like an empty kitchen roll or an empty soap bottle and tell them to make something. Or you may help them with making  that telescope or that robot. That’s creative.

    You and your friends want to do something different. What do you do? You research. You check out what’s on at your local theatre or cinema. You plan a day out. You think about what each person likes/dislikes. You create that experience. You are being creative.

    You might be saying ‘but that’s not creativity..that’s everyday stuff, it isn’t art’. But it is. If we didn’t do some or all of those things at some point in our lives, each day would be the same. No variety. No challenges. No finding solutions.

    Creativity is just that…variety, challenges, solutions.

    Learning a new skill involving a craft is focussing your creative tendencies into one activity. This can be scary. You may feel nervous. You may feel you will be judged. But if you remember how often you create stuff in your daily life, you know you can do it. Crafting becomes an extension of you already do with more focus.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.