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Discover your creativity

Workshops are designed to spark your imagination as you learn some basic techniques. Once you learn how versatile polymer clay is, you can easily apply them to a variety of items.

Some of the projects you can create include bracelets, earrings, pendants, votive candle holders, dragons, wine glass charms, gift tags, Christmas tree ornaments and fairy houses. Plus there are many more creations to explore.

So, start your journey with an in person workshop or try out the online versions. Both will give the chance to experience hours of relaxation and fun. You will realise that you are creative and your imagination will take over. Like when you were a child, trying things out. Seeing what happens when you mix techniques or mix colours. What you create is only really limited by your imagination!

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In Person Workshops

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Online - monthly group sessions to help you reduce your stress and explore your creativity in the comfort of your own home

In person - if you prefer to be in a new environment, come along and learn to create with others